What To Do When You Don’t Like The Sound Of Your Speaking Voice

Do you remember the first time you heard yourself on tape, on an answering machine or voice mail? You may have been shocked and thought: "Do I really sound like THAT?"As you start to become aware of your voice you may feel it is:- "Letting you down badly" - "Getting worse" - "Embarrassing you" and so on.Actually, these reactions are very common. Here's why.We tend to hold an idealized image of ourselves. But when something-- like a video camera or tape recorder-- shows us we are not as we Read more [...]

Sony vs. Olympus: Digital Voice Recorders

Digital voice recorders have become increasingly popular over the last few years, as they offer a relatively cheap and reliable alternative to older cassette voice recorders. Digital voice recorders use memory - much like the memory used in your personal pc - to record sound, rather than tape cassettes. Newer recorders tend to have very large memory capacities, despite their small size.Though there are several brands of digital voice recorders to choose from, two stand out as the most popular Read more [...]

How to Create a “Hela’uva” Subject Line (and Get Your E-Mails Opened)

The better you are at composing intriguing e-mails the better your tele-sales results.E-mail and voice follow up (either live or voice mail) go to together in today's marketplace like peas and carrots. However, this supposes that your e-mail is intriguing enough to get noticed and opened.Therein lies the challenge. The majority of your clients and prospects are swamped with e-mail messages. To cope, they tend to devote no more that 2-4 seconds scanning your subject line. If that line does not Read more [...]

Discover How To Leverage Voice Mail To Make More Sales

Productivity and cost efficiency are key drivers for corporations adopting new technologies. While it is hardly new and few can dispute its overall benefit, voice mail is one technology that has greatly reduced the productivity of Business-to-Business sales people and increased cost for their employers. This, however can be fixed. Here's how.No question that trying to engage with a live prospect has become increasingly challenging as voice mail has become ubiquitous. Contrary to what most Read more [...]